5 stvari, ki jih morate vedeti o svojem občinstvu

Odlični voditelji razumejo, kako občinstvo razmišljajo, se učijo in reagirajo.

A Guide to Making Things

Fieldwork Labs Ltd wanted to send something nice to their friends, fellow makers and people who do good things. They…

The History of Typography

A paper-letter animation about the history of fonts and typography.

Design Like Apple

Design Like Apple is a book by John Edson that uncovers the lessons from Apple’s singular approach to product creation, manufacturing, delivery, and customer experience.

Interaction of Color by Josef Alberts

First published in 1963, Josef Albers’s Interaction of Color is one of the most influential books on color…

Design in a Nutshell

Are you a bit postmodern, or do you belong in the Bauhaus? Get the lowdown on 6 key…