David Praznik CV (Curriculum vitae)

September 1976 | Slovenian | www.ideator.si | david@ideator.si | www.linkedin.com/in/davidpraznik

Work experience

2011 - continues

Ideator, David Praznik, s.p. - Design studio

UX, UI, Web and graphic design, Art direction, consulting.

Clients: CVS Mobile, KF Finance, Univerza v Ljubljani, Veterinary Chamber of Slovenia, Silgan d.o.o., EIUS – Vep.si, Mtb.si, Thorax d.o.o., Kuhnca d.o.o., KF Finance, MoneyRebel, Alliance ASE, LUI – Ljubljanski univerzitetni inkubator d.o.o. and others.


2009 – 2014

Apple users of Slovenia Jabolko.org

Founder and editor in chief. UX, UI, author of many articles.


2010 – 2010

Eksit d.o.o. - advertising agency

UX, UI, graphic design, Art direction, consulting.
Clients: Eksit, XYZ, Sportina, TWOWAY and others.


2008 – 2010

Endemit d.o.o. - advertising agency

UX, UI, graphic design.

Clients: Vzajemna, Ilirija, Nil (FlipIT), Rabim.info, The North Face and others.


2007 – 2008

Gooie d.o.o. - advertising agency

Art Direction, UX, UI.
Conceptual design, design and development of graphical user interfaces, development of user experience, branding.

Clients: Ice Solutions, Avtotehna, Ministry of Public Administration, Delo, Marg, eZdravje, Regeneracija, Infiniti MRM and others.


2007 – 2007

Infiniti MRM - advertising agency

UX, UI, graphic design.

Clients: Marg, Cisco, Emc, WFC, Autodesk, Renault Nissan, Ice Solutions, Avtotehna, Slovenian railways and others.


2003 – 2006

Silveco d.o.o. - Studio Orca, print and design agency

Graphic designer & DTP. Designing user's guides for new cars, magazine design, design for brochures, posters, preparations for digital and offset printing.
Clients: Renault Nissan Slovenia and Croatia, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Mitsubishi, Volvo Slovenia and others.


2001 – 2003

Pro Anima d.o.o. (KLIK - magazine for creative computing)

Webpage editor, editor of the CD, graphic designer (print and web), DTP designer, CD author and system administrator, Magazine cover designer, UI designer. Author of interviews, many review articles and how-to guides with tips on multimedia and photography.

IAM (Institute and Academy of Multimedia)

Lecturer in workshops for Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


1997 – 2001

Freelance work

Website design, graphic design, screen printing.


Knowledge and competencies


Written and oral: Slovenian, English and Serbo-Croatian.


Formal education, certificates and practical experience

Institute and Academy of Multimedia (Multimedia Engineer). Apple Certified Support Professional. I gained and still acquire practical experience through projects - on different workplaces, in different environments and with different people.


Project management and working methods

Working on the principles of project management. Proactive teamwork.


Types of Media

Web, mobile devices, print, video.


Experience with people

More than 20 years of experience working with designers, illustrators, programmers, creatives, copywriters, printers, proofreaders, editors, clients.



Trail running/canicross (border collie), enduro mountain biking, snowboarding, yoga, making music, driver’s license - B category, non-smoker.